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Upcoming classes

Writer's yoga open classes | book gallery Laterna Magica | Helsinki

Wish to have more room for creativity? Would you like to care for yourself surrounded by books and art? Yoga opens both body and mind, creates space in the busy head, removes blocks and improves concentration. Physically we'll focus on strengthening, balancing and adding mobility to the body, especially around the common problem areas known to knowledge workers.

Upcoming classes:

Classes on winter break!

90 minutes  / 18 € / bring your own mat

More information and booking here.

Tuesday chill
Salt & Champagne
Mikonkatu 20, Helsinki

17:30 | 60 min | 39 €

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Salt yoga therapy | Salt & Champagne | Helsinki

The ultimate relaxing experience combining halotherapy and yoga in a beautiful oasis in the centre of Helsinki. Sink your feet in the salt crystals and inhale the fine salt dust, while following therapeutic movement and breathing exercises on comfy chairs. One session fits only four to guarantee a calm and intimate experience. No prior experience in yoga needed, suitable for all levels.


Salt therapy, or halotherapy, has been around for centuries as a natural treatment for skin and respiratory issues, such as asthma and allergies. It is also an effective treatment for boosting immune system as well as athletic and vocal performance.

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Helsinki Urban Retreat

Inartes Institute
Go check out the event in Facebook and join a cozy November weekend retreat full of art and yoga. <3


Greta Live & Skylark Productions:


Tools for stage fright and optimal performance

A new course coming up for performers and people who speak for work: How to manage your mind, body and voice to create your optimal performance in public speaking and on stage.

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The workshops can be tailored to different spaces and are suitable for complete beginners. Studio and equipment rental possible, min. 4 people max. 20. The duration of one workshop is between 90 min - 2,5 h. For more info, prices and bookings please contact

Writer's yoga

No longer wait for the muse to pay a visit – go meet them instead.

A mind and body opening hatha yoga practice for writers and creatives. We'll learn therapeutic movement to take care and strengthen our writing and sitting down muscles, as well as how to improve our focus and find the stillness required to begin the creative process.

Focus & Flow

Staying present and focused – an extremely rare skill in the modern day full of distractions. Instead of unproductive and unhealthy multitasking, restlessly wandering mind and scattered focus, with the right tools we can reduce stress, tap into the flow state and opt for the long term productivity.